Significance of .NET

Objects Oriented Programming : both the .NET framework and C# are entirely based on object-oriented principles right from the start.

Good Design : a base class library, which is designed from the ground up in a highly intuitive way.Language Independence – with .NET all of the language VB.NET, c#, J#, and managed C++ compiler to common Intermediate Langue. This means that languages are inter operable in a way that has not been seen before

Better support for Dynamic Web pages : While ASP offered a lot of flexibility, it was also inefficient because of its use of interpreted scripting languages, and the lack of object-oriented design often resulted in messy ASP code. .NET offers an integrated support for web pages, using a new technology- ASP.NET with ASP.NET code in your pages is compiled, and may be written in .NET aware high level languages such as c#, j#, VB.NET.

Why Inventech?

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